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Find the clone that will relapse.

Christophe Poulet

Computational & Molecular Biologist

Hi! I am an inventive biologist that lives in Liege, Belgium. I hold a PhD degree in Molecular and Computational Genetics, from the University of Liege, Belgium.

My main expertise is in tumor classification to diagnose cancer subtypes or to predict treatment response to cancer therapies. I am looking towards the identification of molecular and cellular events that would drive tumourigenesis from one aberrant cell to such a complex and heterogeneous mixture.

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Isolate signal within mixtures.

I am convinced of the tumour evolution theory. Such Tumorigenesis may lead to the genesis of numerous populations carrying distinct genetic material.

Relapses are still inevitable for many types of tumors. Such bad outcomes may result from the combination of tumor genetic events and immunosuppressive environment that build the basement of therapy resistance.

Identification and integration of non-invasive information (cellular and molecular) can help monitoring the patient response to treatment.

My Skills

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NGS 80%
Microarrays 100%
Statistics 70%
Advanced Stats 70%
Advanced Stats 70%

Work Experience

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  1. GIGA, Human Genetics Unit (Prof V.Bours)

    Assistant, Molecular & Computational Biologist

    NGS Library prep (NGS) & Machine Learning based Signature discovery.

  2. Aduro Biotech

    Computational Biologist, Bioinformatics Analyst

    Data integration of Low and High-Throughput biological data and Signature discovery.


    Computational biologist & Web Developer

    Data integration with public databases & Backend development

  4. GIGA, Human Genetics Unit (Prof V.Bours)

    Computational and Molecular Biologist (PhD Thesis)

    Production and Analysis of tumor "omics" data.

  5. MRC, Neuroscience Lab (Prof F. Turkheimer)

    Data analyst (Visiting PhD Student)

    Statistical analyses & Wavelet transformation.

  6. ULG, Mass Spec Lab (Prof E. DePauw)

    Biochemist (Proteomic Master Degree Internship)

    Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

  7. CNRS, NeuroImmuno Lab (Prof M.Salzet)

    Biologist (Volunteer)

    Molecular Biology.

  8. NeuroPhysioPatho Lab (Prof JC. Beauvillain)

    Biologist (Volunteer)

    Molecular Biology.


Reach steps one after the others.

PhD in Bioinformatics & Genetics

GIGA, University of Liège, Belgium

NGS & Microarrays


M.Sc in Proteomics

USTL Lille 1, France



M.Sc in Molecular Biology

USTL Lille 1, France


B.Sc in Molecular Biology

USTL Lille 1, France



* Equal contribution

Predictive and prognostic role of peripheral blood eosinophil count in triple-negative and hormone receptor-negative / HER2-positive breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant treatment

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PMID: 30263098



Natural Antisense Transcripts: Molecular Mechanisms and Implications in Breast Cancers

G. Latgé, C. Poulet, V. Bours, C. Josse, and G. Jerusalem.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2018;19(1):123
PMID: 29301303



Genomic studies of multiple myeloma reveal an association between X chromosome alterations and genomic profile complexity

T. Sticca, JH. Caberg, S. Wenric, C. Poulet, Herens C, M. Jamar, C. Josse, S. El Guendi, S. Max, Y. Beguin, and V. Bours
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PMID: 27454822



Prognostic relevance of epilepsy at presentation in glioblastoma patients

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Connexin 30 expression inhibits growth of human malignant gliomas but protects them against radiation therapy

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PMID: 24169073

Resp med


In vivo tumorigenesis was observed after injection of in vitro expanded neural crest stem cells isolated from adult bone marrow

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PloS one


Mesenchymal stem cells and neural crest stem cells from adult bone marrow: characterization of their surprising similarities and differences

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Wnt1 and BMP2: two factors recruiting multipotent neural crest progenitors isolated from adult bone marrow

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Cellular Molecular Life Sciences. 2012;69(15):1-16
PMID: 20976520



Nothing in the biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

sub specie evolutionis

- Theodosius Dobzhansky (1973) -

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